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Lulu was our mascot aboard ship. She was brought aboard by Alfred Spadero, a Boatswain Mate from-'the First Division. Alfred had won some money in a crap game and while we were in Pearl for repairs, decided to buy a dog, which he always wanted and thought that's what the men needed for a different form of companionship. Alfred was the leading Petty Officer of his Division. Lulu was a registered Schnauzer, who cost him $480.00. He did have difficulty bringing Lulu aboard. Our Captain, who heard about the denial, being a dog lover, allowed it. Everyone loved Lulu and she became part of the crew. The Captain would send for Lulu occasionally and walk her on the bridge of the ship. Lulu had problems with the salt water air which caused a rash. The Doc had her shaved and made a solution of sulfur and Vaseline mixed with some antibiotics, which finally cured her problem. The Captain suggested Lulu should have another companion beside sailors, and another dog was obtained by Alfred at the Officer's Club. He was apparently a stray mongrel. He was a short-legged looking Dachshund who couldn't jump like Lulu. Alfred more-or-Iess shanghaied him aboard. The dog then had a home with 2800 owners. Lulu loved this new companion who wasn't as intelligent as she. He also had problems going potty. He would never go where he was supposed to. So the crew named him "Shithead." The crew enjoyed him as much as Lulu. These dogs fought the war alongside us and were loved by all of us. Lulu became ill from chewing on some deck brush with synthetic bristles which had gotten lodged in her intestines, at the end of the war while in Boston. The Captain sent her over to Angel Memorial Veterinarians Hospital. The vets were able to dissolve the bristles and Lulu went home with Alfred to South Waverly, Pennsylvania and died at 12 years old. Shithead was stolen off the ship in Boston. So both dogs were veterans of WWII who had seen action. End of story.

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The Making of: Red, White and Blue